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Welcome to Chavers Law, A Professional Law Firm

Providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones through friendly, personalized and comprehensive counsel and services.

Solutions for every season of life.

 Attorney Herb Chavers enjoys what he does as a profession and he enjoys the way he does what he does.

While Herb is an Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law Specialist*, more importantly, Herb is an attorney that serves his clients by first listening closely to his clients to determine what concerns them now, as well as the future, second has his clients educate him about their unique family and loved ones, and then works with his clients to develop a plan that is ultimately a personalized and comprehensive expression of each client’s unique situation so his clients experience peace of mind as they experience their current season of life and prepare for the next.

*Certified by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization

Herb can help, whether you are a . . .
  • parent providing for minor children,
  • parent providing for a child with special needs,
  • parent who wants to provide for an adult child in a difficult marriage,
  • parent who wants to provide for a child that is caught up in a self-destructive lifestyle (lacks financial responsibility, drug or alcohol addictions, gambling addiction or similar struggles) 
  • member of the "sandwich" generation, trying to provide for your children while striving to honor your parents,
  • person looking towards retirement and all seems well and good,
  • senior or family member of a senior who is in pretty good health, but you want to be proactive in planning for possible rough waters,
  • senior or family member of a senior who is disabled and in crisis as you try to navigate through very rough waters,
  • practical person wanting to pass your assets to those you love in the best way possible to save time and expense, or
  • person or business owner that is concerned about frivolous lawsuits


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