This Will Never Happen to

But What if it Does? Are You Prepared?

Part II

When “Aging in Place” is NOT an Option!


The vast
majority of my clients express their strong desire to live out their lives at
home.  Men in particular summarize it
frequently by proclaiming, “I just want to die in my sleep”.  To which I wholeheartedly concur!  Health care professionals call this “aging in

As I
discussed in my July letter, during almost 30 years of advising clients and
their families planning for and journeying through the later seasons of life,
I’ve found the most difficult and stressful situations involves clients or their
loved ones who have experienced a catastrophic health crisis.  While my grandmother and mother were adamant
that “IT” would NEVER happen to them, sadly “IT
did.  Both required in-home care 24/7 for
the final season of their lives.  LivHome
gave a great presentation in July about some of the issues and options involving
“aging in place” at home. 

despite heroic and sacrificial efforts by spouses, children, daughter-in-law’s,
other family members, and in-home care professionals, sometimes “aging in
place” at home simply becomes impractical or impossible. 

When aging
in place at home is no longer a viable option, it is usually an adult child or
daughter-in-law calling me.  The caller
is usually stressed, overwhelmed and bewildered.  Because of the lack of proper planning (and
frequently because of the stubbornness of the parent), decisions must now be
made in the midst of crisis.  Time is now
of the essence!

Nilsen, a Certified Senior Advisor with A
Foundation for Elder Care
has assisted a few of my clients recently as they
transitioned from home to assisted living arrangements.  Her prompt and professional services were
greatly appreciated by my clients and their family.

Therefore, I
hope you (and your children) join us on August 22nd at 10:00
and 6:30 pm, as Colleen discusses
numerous options and issues when aging in place at home becomes impractical or
impossible.  A flyer is enclosed with
more of the specifics.

Please RSVP to Brandie Cooper of my
office by telephone at (951) 369-1335 or by e-mail at or via by clicking on the
Events tab.

I hope to see you (and your
) on August 22nd
at 10:00 am and/or 6:30 pm!


Herb Chavers