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So what makes us the very best choice when it comes to planning for the later seasons of life?

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The question becomes “How do you choose one law firm over another?” The short answer is, you choose the firm that provides the most for you and your loved ones while being a good fit! You choose the firm that you and your family will feel the most comfortable depending upon during one of the worst times of their lives!

When I meet with people who are considering choosing us to help them with their legal needs, I have found there are two primary questions that must be considered. First, can I truly help them? Do I have the skills and experience they need? Second, but most importantly for them and us is “Are we a good fit?” I have found that to be the most important question in selecting anybody to do anything for me personally. Whether I’m selecting a brain surgeon to remove a tumor, an eye surgeon to try and restore my vision, a CPA to save me taxes, a financial advisor to help me grow my investments, an auto mechanic to get my car going, or a handyman to fix a creaky door. The answer to that question comes down to whether we like and respect each other, do we trust each other, and are we comfortable with each other? In short, will you and your loved ones feel comfortable calling us at one of the worst times of your lives?

My neurosurgeon was highly respected for his skills, which did give me comfort as I underwent surgery to remove a tumor. However, after the surgery I discovered he lacked people skills. The lack of those skills added additional stress and uncertainty to my wife who was my caregiver during the recovery process.

Technical legal skills and experience are definitely required to guide people through the maze of complex legal and financial issues that are encountered during the aging process. Although I am certified as a Specialist with over 30 years of experience, I still discover something I didn’t know on almost a daily basis. This area of the law is not a place for general practitioners, for attorneys to dabble in while handling numerous other types of matters. However, beyond technical skills and experience, we must first determine is whether we feel comfortable with each other, whether do we like and respect each other. Again, will you and your loved ones feel comfortable calling us at one of the worst times of your lives?

The only way we’ll know for sure is for us to meet and spend some time together. Therefore, we invite you to come in for a consultation offered without a charge and without any further obligation. During our time together, we’ll seek to discover what concerns you now and what you want to accomplish. You’ll educate us about your family and loved ones. You’ll also consider things you never thought about. If I believe I can help you and if we both determine that we are a good fit, then we will develop a plan that is ultimately a personalized and comprehensive expression of your unique situation. Such comprehensive and personalized planning will allow you to experience peace of mind as you experience and journey through your current season of life and prepare for the next. Be prepared for a good time as you experience Happy Law!

Cutting-Edge Estate Planning and Elder Law

Our firm is a member of WealthCounsel and ElderCounsel.  These organizations are a cooperative of nationally recognized estate planning and elder law attorney members from across the country.  Together they provide one another with the support and tools needed to serve their clients better.

Being a member of WealthCounsel and ElderCounsel means we are in close contact with other members across California and nationwide in our mutual desire to:

  • Better serve our clients in a caring and professional manner
  • Stay absolutely cutting edge in our respective knowledge of estate planning and elder law and innovative planning strategies and techniques
  • Share practice ideas with one another – as we develop them independently in our practices – that will better serve our clients objectives
  • Bring our clients the finest estate planning and elder law advice and documentation possible, and to do so with dignity and professionalism within the ethics of our profession


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