Herb’s Thoughts- War Changes Everything

Ask a veteran about their time in the military and more often than not, they’ll respond with a funny story.Most of you have heard my declaration (usually made in jest) that I served in the U. S. Navy on active duty for “2 years, 3 months, 29 days, 3.5 hours.”  The...

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Herb’s Personal Thoughts This Christmas Season

Some personal thoughts as the CRUNCH time pressed Christmas holiday season confronts us yet again (seemingly without ample notice of its arrival despite all the TV, internet ads and Hallmark Specials).This morning as I was looking forward to celebrating this Christmas...

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Honoring Your Parents by Care Giving

When Jeanette's mother was hospitalized, Jeanette's father begged her, with tears in his eyes, to take care of mother if he ever couldn't. Of course Jeanette said “yes.”Years later, when Jeanette's father had gone and mother’s hearing and eyesight failed, she could no...

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Alzheimer’s: The Dreaded “A” Word

Certain words let us know instantly that life will never be the same.  At the age of 32, when a doctor uttered the words 'brain tumor" to me, I knew my life was changing in a way I had never considered.  For some, its the "C" word aka "cancer", for others its the "A"...

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As Thanksgiving approaches we wanted to take a moment to say how thankful we are for you and the confidence you have shown in letting us serve you. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we look forward to working with you in the future.Sincerely,Herb, Karin...

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New VA Rules

The following is an urgent message that could impact you or a loved one.On September 18, 2018, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) amended the rules regarding eligibility for VA pension.  These new rules have drastically changed VA pension planning.  VA pension is...

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Spousal Dementia and its Effect on a Marriage

When someone you love, in particular, your spouse, becomes ill you want to help them get well. But what happens when the illness is dementia? A marital relationship that could have spanned years or decades becomes subject to enormous change, and that change is not a...

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4 Steps to Choosing the Right Nursing Home

As discussed by Colleen Nilsen, a Certified Senior Advisor with A Foundation for Elder Care at the seminar I held on August 22nd, choosing a nursing home for a loved one is a critical decision and should be carefully considered. It is important for families to take...

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