May is National Elder Law Month, as designated by the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.It is a way to acknowledge the profession that supports seniors and their families with all of their planning needs. And while that sounds great, many people still ask, “What do elder law attorneys do?” Part 1 of this series,
Residing, whether briefly or for an extended time, in a senior living facility has many challenges. This is especially true in regards to facilities providing nursing care.  Solutions to these problems are consistently being discussed by the government and other stakeholders. However, many of these issues are difficult and extremely costly to solve. For example,
Physical activity (other than just hitting the remote button) has many benefits for senior citizens. These benefits can provide great improvement for the quality of life for seniors. Since “senior citizens” are defined as those 60 and older, I can’t believe I’m writing about myself as well!  Physical activity for us seniors provides many benefits
Welcome to our April 2018 Newsletter In working with hundreds of families over almost 30 years, I’ve found Alzheimer’s to be one of the more complicated, overwhelming and devastating diseases. Over time, the disease can change a loved one into a seemingly different person. Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease is a challenging,
The largest coordinated sweep of identity fraud involving US seniors has recently been conducted. The US Department of Justice has reported that more than one million elderly people have collectively lost hundreds of millions of dollars because of this targeted financial abuse. The Department has criminally charged 200 out of 250 defendants identified in the

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