New VA Rules

The following is an urgent message that could impact you or a loved one. On September 18, 2018, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) amended the rules regarding eligibility for VA pension.  These new rules have drastically changed VA pension planning.  VA pension is a monthly cash benefit available to wartime Veterans or surviving spouses
When someone you love, in particular, your spouse, becomes ill you want to help them get well. But what happens when the illness is dementia? A marital relationship that could have spanned years or decades becomes subject to enormous change, and that change is not a slow linear progression of predictability. It is an up
As we age, living options can become a very real concern. While most of us want to “age in place” (i.e., live in our homes till we transition from this world into the next), unfortunately for many seniors, living at home just doesn’t remain practical.  Available options are tied to the resources a senior has
As discussed by Colleen Nilsen, a Certified Senior Advisor with A Foundation for Elder Care at the seminar I held on August 22nd, choosing a nursing home for a loved one is a critical decision and should be carefully considered. It is important for families to take the time to explore nursing home options and to
 This Will Never Happen to Me! But What if it Does? Are You Prepared? Part II When “Aging in Place” is NOT an Option!   The vast majority of my clients express their strong desire to live out their lives at home.  Men in particular summarize it frequently by proclaiming, “I just want to die

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